Unselfish by nature. Profitable by default.

When you invest in Tuition Coins, you invest in Students, Teachers, and Parents.

Round One Starting Soon


Tuition Coins

$ 1000
per lot
  • Preferred partner for Round 1
  • Early access to our premining platform


Tuition Coins

$ 5000
per lot
  • Preferred partner for Round 1
  • Early access to our premining platform

1 Million

Tuition Coins

$ 10000
per lot
  • Preferred partner for Round 1
  • Early access to our premining platform

2 Million

Tuition Coins

$ 20000
per lot
  • Preferred partner for Round 1
  • Early access to our premining platform

5 Million

Tuition Coins

$ 50000
per lot
  • Preferred partner for Round 1
  • Early access to our premining platform

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Purchase with a cryptocurrency

Pay to one of the cryptocurrency addresses mentioned here and get in touch with a screenshot of the successful transaction. The contract note for Right To Issue of Tuition Coins will be sent to you within 1 working day.





Stellar Lumens


Round One Starts

Very Soon

Round Zero Ends

31st December 2021

People who benefit the most when Tuition Coin increase in value


Educators are the only people who can mine Tuition Coins, beginning at $0.01
If educators choose to hold their Tuition Coins long-term, they benefit most from any increase in price.


Teacher-generated assessments are given to students throughout their K-12 journey. As they perform well, they are awarded micro-scholarships along the way.


Seeing your child get accepted to a top college is every parent’s dream. Coins for College give parents hope by providing the academic and financial support their children need to make it to college.


Whenever philanthropists buy Tuition Coins through our non-profit organization partnerships they can rest assured that their good intentions are being met in a far more effective way.


For every one scholarship that a corporation currently gives to a high school student who ‘made it’ they will be able to support thousands of more students make it.


Investors who put their trust in the operational structure of Coins For College will observe exponential growth in their early investments.

Tuition Coins are the ultimate give back

Giving back to teachers, and children, particularly in education, is one of the most important things we can do as a society.

The tax-free purchase of Tuition Coins by non-profit organizations will push up the price of the Tuition Coins mined by teachers for generating the assessment questions students need to earn micro-scholarships.

This simple act of faith in a students’ future, and the educators who help them get there will cause the price of Tuition Coins to increase today, ultimately becoming a self-fulfilled prophecy tomorrow.
By providing tax-free donations of Tuition Coins to our partnering non-profit organizations, corporations will be able to invest in the future workforce further up the pipeline at a much lower cost.
For the first time, the average student has the opportunity to pay for their own college tuition as they maintain grade-level standards. Giving them a chance for higher education, regardless of their parent’s socioeconomic condition.

A win-win situation is always good, but a win-win-win situation is even better.

As a whole, digital currencies represent less than one percent of the world’s economic value and have not crossed over into the masses. Coins for College/ Tuition Coins will be the organization that accomplishes this feat.

Tuition Coins go far beyond speculation, by adding real value to the world as it grows. As people/corporations invest in Tuition Coins, students make it to college, educators are compensated for helping them make it to college, parents are given hope, philanthropists see their donations reach their full potential, and future employers have a more prepared and equipped workforce.


We have hired one of the best PR firms to help get the message out, and here’s what they proposed to help us reach our milestone
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If you believe in the Coins for College mission you can help by simply talking about it.

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy in the world. On the right are are some items you can share on social media. And if you believe that Tuition Coins will grow in value but are unable to invest now, we got you covered. Do you know someone who’s an educator? Simply use the link below to spread the word.

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Here is what 3 months with coins for college can give you


For taking 7 assessments per month


If you submit 20 questions per day

These are estimates based on forecasts from our market research team and the final numbers will also vary based on how you utilize the several platforms by Coins For College

The value of a digital currency can be measured by two simple metrics: How capital flows into the system, and the size/engagement of its community

How capital flows into Coins For College

The size and engagement of its community

Our community consists of educators, students, parents, employers, and of course investors


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