What is the difference between Tuition Coins And Scholarship Coins?

Scholarship Coins are small incremental scholarships awarded to students for academic achievements, attendance, and community service. Scholarship Coins can be redeemed by any college, but they can only be used towards the tuition costs of that specific college. Traditional scholarships are awarded to students at the end of their k-12 career when it’s far too late for many students. On the Coins for College platform, those same scholarships are awarded to students via ‘Scholarship Coins’ throughout their k-12 journey. Colleges can choose to redeem or not redeem any portion of the Scholarship Coins earned by students. Tuition Coins are the utility tokens used for all service fees within the Coins for College platform. Similar to popular digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether, they can be used as a store of value or traded on an exchange for other currencies. Tuition Coins can also be used to cover any student’s tuition cost not covered by Scholarship Coins, as well as all other expenses like books, laptops, room and board, or even a new car to get around.

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