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digital currency for students

by teachers

Coins For College compensates educators for
helping K-12 students go to college

Let’s work together to give all your students a chance to pursue their dreams by providing access and opportunity for college and career through innovative blockchain technology.

Join our no risk waiting list at the 1EdTech Conference and become part of the elite group that will launch blockchain technology to address complex educational challenges by empowering all educators and their students to translate their accomplishments into social and financial success.

College Partnerships

Connect with our partner colleges to give your students a chance to scout for colleges and courses they are interested in easily, and early.


School Dashboard

Get access to a custom made school dashboard to connect with all your students registered with the Coins For College platform.


Teacher Rewards

Educators are compensated for creating K-12 assessments. Educators from a partner school earn rewards at a higher rate.

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Better Attendance

Students from partner schools earn attendance rewards at a higher rate compared to other students.


SmartEd Access

Get access to dozens of tools built for school administrators and teachers to empower them and help them stay competitive in the era of alternative education.


CFC Certification

All of our partner schools receive a CFC certification badge which they can display on their digital & print publications.


Blockchain Education

We help you design and develop a curriculum to educate your students about blockchain based problem solving skills that includes real world case studies.


Skill Based Curriculum

Adopt our easy to integrate skill specific courses to expand your current curriculum making it more inclusive.

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Our goal is simple, remove the mental, financial, and academic barriers to college for all students. Here's how we do it...

On the Coins For College platform, students earn incremental scholarships for grade level academic and social accomplishments throughout their K-12 journey.

College Enrollment 2020 (without Coins For College)
18 Million
College Enrollment 2030 (with Coins For College)*
19 Million

Our goal is simple, remove the mental, financial, and academic barriers to college for all students. Here's how we do it...

On the Coins For College platform, students earn incremental scholarships for grade level academic and social accomplishments throughout their K-12 journey.

College Enrollment 2020 (without Coins For College)
College Enrollment 2030 (with Coins For College)*

four ways to earn Coins For College

Students can earn Coins for College through attendance, assessments and various tasks. Students learn to earn on our platform (from non-profits through corporations, philanthropists, friends & family)



Every day that students attend school they earn Coins for College.


Assessments reveal knowledge gaps. Students earn Coins for College for every assessment completed.



The Coins For College platform has a vast library of educational videos. After discovering knowledge gaps, students can earn additional Coins for College by watching videos on our platform targeting areas of need.

Connect with Non-profits

Some students need more support than others. Through our non-profit partnerships, corporations and philanthropists can donate Coins for College to cover college expenses.

Micro-scholarships For Students

Supported by Colleges, Philanthropists, Corporations, Friends & Family, through Non-profit partnerships

It takes a village to raise a child, and the Coins For College platform brings the village together.  We connect K-12 students with the resources they need to make it to college.  We provide their sponsors with the transparency they seek and expect. 

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Teachers should be paid six figures

Former educator says, or "we're going to lose so many people along the way"

The American Teacher’s Plight

Underappreciated, Underpaid and Overworked

Public school teachers are underpaid

Teaching “appears to be becoming less attractive as a profession,”

A New Revenue Stream For educators

Tuition Coin vs Bitcoin

In the same way Bitcoin Miners create Bitcoins, educators are the miners of Tuition Coins. Educators earn Tuition Coins for creating student assessments on the Coins For College platform.

Tuition Coins were designed to be tax-free donations to non-profits by corporations, philanthropists, friends, and family. The local non-profits provide the necessary and varied wrap-around support students need to ensure they stay on course from kindergarten all the way to college.

Donations drive the valuation of Tuition Coins

Every tax-free donation given to partnering non-profits for students will cause the Tuition Coins created by educators to increase in value.

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Educators Benefit From Tuition Coin Price Increases

Like the Bitcoin Miners, educators will benefit from every Tuition Coin purchased or spent by non-profits, corporations, and individuals.

Educator's Dashboard

for mining Tuition Coins

Assessments are the core of the entire Coins For College platform.  70% of the Scholarships students earn come from assessments. Educators are compensated with Tuition Coins for creating K-12 assessments.

If you are an educator, sign up now to get early access to our educator's Dashboard beta to start mining Tuition coins

"Growing up in foster care as a child, there was no plan in place for me to go to college".


the Education Gap

Joshua Samuel

Founder/CEO - Coins For College

Coins For College bridges the educational gap for young children around the world, by allowing all members of society to contribute to their future education. Coins for College is the great equalizer, that does not consider your financial status, race, or gender. Providing an equal opportunity for everyone to access higher education.

Our 10 year global vision

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To Support Students On their journey to college

When philanthropists, corporations, friends, and family purchase Tuition Coins as a gift to students or for their own personal portfolio, they are investing in educators, students, and the future workforce. Tuition Coins are profitable by nature, but altruistic by default.

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Profitable by nature. Altruistic by default.

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